Research focus theory-practice relation

"Appropriation processes of the relation between theory and practice of future pedagogical professionals" (pilot project)

In the context of linking theory and practice in social pedagogical training, a truncated confrontation of actors and activities can (often) be observed, which not only separates these into two supposedly delimitable areas, but also seemingly clearly demarcates the dimensions of action and reflection from each other. This raises the question of how theory and practice can be fruitfully engaged in vocational education and training programs. However, so far only little is known about the views of students in social pedagogical qualifications on the appropriation possibilities of this relation and can therefore be understood as a desideratum in social pedagogical didactics and vocational training research.

The research project Appropriation Processes of the Relation of Theory and Practice of Future Pedagogical Specialists focuses precisely on this desideratum and, in a pilot study, is dedicated to teachers of social pedagogy in vocational education who (can) actively help to shape the relation of theory and practice. For this purpose, guided interviews will be conducted. The aim is to generate a (first) gain of knowledge about the appropriation processes of theory and practice in order to contribute to the further professionalization of social pedagogical education. This is basic research in order to elicit further research desiderata, to establish qualification research on social pedagogical specialists and to open it up to international scientific discourse.

Forum socio-educational qualifications - Dialogue - Workshop - Research

Within the framework of the research focus, the idea of the expert forum arose, which provides space for exchange and discussion of social pedagogical qualifications from different perspectives. For this purpose, different guest speakers are invited. Information about upcoming lectures will be made available in a timely manner.

In January 2022, Manuel Freis already gave his guest lecture to students of the teaching research project on his publication Ethnography in the Practical Semester - Studying Social Work at the Learning Site 'Practice' (2021).

Starting in winter semester 2022/23, the lecture series "Wege zu einer Didaktik der Sozialpädagogik" (Ways to a Didactics of Social Pedagogy) will start (together with Junior Professor Dr. Nina Göddertz/University of Paderborn).

Furthermore planned for 2023: Symposium on the dialogue between university-based teacher training and vocational training in social pedagogy (in cooperation with the University of Osnabrück and nifbe).

Likewise, within the framework of the Forum socio-educational qualifications - "Dialogue - Workshop - Research", a working group on didactics with teachers of social pedagogy from different federal states (this has been taking place once a quarter since July 2021), which focuses on stronger networking between universities and vocational training courses, especially with regard to didactic aspects.

Project Lead

  • Prof. Dr. Anke Karber

Research Associate

  • Anna Bobe