Information Systems, in particular Operations Research


We are interested in the application of the quantitative and data-driven methods of Operations Research to practical problems, e.g. in areas of logistics, transport, sports and service management. The methods we use for our research are mathematical modeling, simulation, metaheuristics/matheuristics, queue theory, stochastic optimization, data mining and data analysis using machine learning methods. The goal of our research is to bridge the gap between practice and theory; that is, to apply the latest theoretical results to important, practice-oriented problems, but also to be inspired by real-world problems, thereby expanding the theory.


We also bring this research focus to teaching. We regularly offer courses in the Bachelor of Business Informatics and the Master of Management & Data Science in the field of Operations Research. "Fundamentals of Operations Research" is an introductory course in the areas of linear, integer and network optimization. "Operations Research Lab" offers students the opportunity to apply optimization methods (metaheuristics, data analysis) to economically relevant problems. "Analysing Network with OR-Methods" is a master's course (in English) which is a response to the great interest of students from the "Fundamentals of Operations Research" in network optimization.

Final Thesis

We regularly offer the bachelor and master theses for the practice-oriented problems from business on the topics "Optimization and Simulation in Intralogistics", "Robotics and Automation in Intralogistics", "Decision Support Systems", "AI-based Warehouse", "Integrated Planning in Public Transport", "Robust Planning", "E-Mobility", "Performance Analysis in Teamsports and Curling". Please contact Prof. Dr. Lin Xie ( if you are interested in writing your thesis with us.


Head of the Department

  • Prof. Dr. Lin Xie

Office Management

  • Sabrina Bergmann
  • Madlen Schmaltz