Bachelor and Master thesis supervision

Students should choose a current topic from one of the areas of Financial Accounting, External Auditing and Corporate Governance and apply an empirical method on a substainable orientated question.

Please contact me in good time, prepare an outline of 1-2 pages and an outline draft before the start of the project. The scope of the bachelor and the masterthesis is a maximum of 10,000 words and should be written in English and journal-style. At the beginning, a visit to the Bachelor's colloquium respectively of the Master Forum is necessary.

Each year, the best bachelor and master theses in the areas of "Accounting, Audit, Tax & Corporate Governance" receive an award.

Phd supervision

The professorship for Accounting, Auditing & Corporate Governance supervises phd projects in financial accounting, external audit and corporate governance.
Current phd projects:

  • Assessing the association between joint audits, audit quality and corporate governance (Norman Gruchow)
  • Fair Value Accounting, Earnings Management and Corporate Governance (Johannes Thesing)
  • Assessing the link between ownership structure, management compensation and CSR performance (Maximilian Focke)
  • Audit Quality and Accruals Measurement (Ina Treptow)
  • Design and incentive effects of CEO compensation systems (Julija Winschel)

Finished phd projects (german version)

Curator at Contact & Cooperation

Prof. Velte is curator at the student consultancy Contact & Cooperation at the Leuphana University Lueneburg.

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Curator at Hanseatischen Börsenverein e.V.

Prof. Vel­te is also curator at the Hanseatischen Börsenverein at Leu­pha­na Uni­ver­sity Luene­burg.

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  • Prof. Dr. Patrick Velte