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Parenting Strategies for Corporate Entrepreneurship

Corporate Entrepreneurship encompasses a firm’s innovation, strategic renewal and venturing efforts - it is a major driver of organisational revitalisation, learning, and growth.

However, with the exception of some general insights about the management of entrepreneurial activities within firms, it is not yet clear what role corporate headquarters play in augmenting entrepreneurial activity. This research aims to examine the significance of the value-adding strategies that corporate parents employ to enhance a firm’s viability and innovativeness. Strategies such as the provision of expertise, resources, or the function of liaising with external stakeholders can affect the types of corporate entrepreneurship in various ways. Thereby I consider a broad spectrum of entrepreneurial efforts ranging from developing new product ideas to the establishment of internal corporate ventures.

The research focuses on the questions of
(a) how the corporate parent augments corporate entrepreneurship? and
(b) how the significance of a parent’s value-adding strategies differ with respect to various types of corporate entrepreneurship?