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Academic Entrepreneurship and Venture Creation

The dissertation project of Alexander Jahn investigates coevolutionary innovation and transformation process of universities and enterprises. [homepage]
Universities engage in two kinds of structural innovation processes in order to fulfill an economic role: at the organizational level and at the firm level. At the organizational level universities acquire resources, build competencies and innovate structures, potentially resulting in a transformation into “entrepreneurial universities”. At the firm level universities participate in developing ideas, generating knowledge, and in commercialization activities. This process is generally referred to as university venture creation or academic entrepreneurship. Therefore it is worth exploring whether and how new venture creation can be initiated and developed at the firm level while being embedded in a broader change process at the organizational level.

This research question is derived from the assumption, that processes on the organizational and on the firm level are intertwined and to be analyzed as parallel processes. The research setting is a case study of the design process of an academic venture in the regional context. By adopting an Action Research approach he participates in an academic venture project and synthesizes scientific knowledge and practical experience on venture creation. The research contributes to the scientific knowledge base in research of innovation, entrepreneurship and organizational change.