Project status

Due to the current situation, the industry partner meetings for the Green Tourism project are being held digitally. The first three online workshops took place on 27.05.2020, 10.06.2020 and 24.06.2020.

In previous online workshops, the large number of travel components to be considered and the selection of potential criteria for the sustainability assessment of the travel package were discussed. With the help of interactive online tools, an open exchange with the industry partners was made possible. These participatory formats allow for the collection of important input from the industry and can illustrate trends for prioritising the individual travel components in the evaluation model.

From 18.06.20 - 30.06.20 the participants of the association forum anders reisen e.V. had the opportunity to take part in an online survey, in which individual criteria and indicators were to be evaluated according to their importance. The results of the workshops, the survey and other interactive questioning tools will be included in the conception of the evaluation model.

All sessions were recorded and are available  for use by interested partners.

The next online workshop will take place on 08.07.2020. If you are interested, a registration for the workshop is possible via the following Link.