Green Travel Transformation at ITB Berlin 2018

At the ITB Berlin 2018, Prof. Dr. Edgar Kreilkamp of the Leuphana University of Lueneburg presented newest insights and outcomes of the project "Green Travel Transformation" and discussed it with some of the industry's popular representatives. Is the developed labeling doing well in the market? Do both travel consultants and customers comprehend and accept it? Does it lead to increased revenues and customer satisfaction? 

Please find below the full keynote speech and discussion.

Project meeting in Berlin - April 11th 2016

On April 11th 2006 the project and practice partners, as well as other industry representatives and members of the project advisory board discussed the ideas and approaches of the "Green Travel Transformation" project on the premises of the German Travel Association in Berlin. First Prof. Dr. Edgar Kreilkamp and the project team gave an introduction to the project and its current development. The discussion especially focused on the newly developed concepts for the identification on visualization of sustainable offers in the prominent information and booking systems. The participants contributed with important impulses for the next project phase, which is aimed at specifying the discussed solutions and putting them into practice. The heterogeneity of the participants offered a wide facet of demands and suggestions for the implementation.

The feedback from the participants reflected, once again, the relevance and urgency of the topic for the entire tourism industry. A follow-up meeting is planned for autumn 2016. Then the adapted solutions will be presented for discussion as well as a study of the consumer and the travel agency staff, which is aimed to give further insight to achieve the project objectives.

The PPT presentation of the workshop is available under downloads (German version only).