Prof. Dr. Paul Upham


I hold the Chair for Human Behaviour and Sustainable Development at Leuphana University. Prior to this I was University Senior Research Fellow in the Sustainability Research Institute at the University of Leeds, within the UK’s leading environmental sciences research centre. I work on low carbon energy technology governance, which concerns the formal and informal rules and processes that shape the societal embedding of new energy technologies. For this purpose, I bring together the literatures and methods of social psychology, sociology and socio-technical transitions. I have been Visiting Professor in Governance of Energy Systems and Climate Change at the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), Helsinki; and a Senior Research Fellow at the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research and Manchester Business School (University of Manchester). I have taught and supervised at all levels and have published extensively on energy social science and related environmental management. Recent research collaborations include projects on: public opinion of domestic energy storage technologies (EPSRC funded, UK); sustainability transitions in transport (Tekes-funded, Finland); social representations of waste to energy technology (EPSRC funded, UK); and public opinion of hydrogen fuel cell technologies (EC H2020). 

  • Selected (recent) publications

Selected (recent) publications

Levidow, L. and Upham, P. (2016) Socio-technical change linking expectations and representations: the case of incineration and gasification for residual municipal solid waste, Science and Public Policy online Sept 30th, 1–14, doi: 10.1093/scipol/scw054

Upham, P., Klitkou, A., Sutherland Olsen, D. Using Transition Management concepts for the evaluation of intersecting policy domains (‘Grand Challenges’): the case of Swedish, Finnish and UK biofuel policy, International Journal of Foresight and Innovation Policy, Vol. 11, Nos. 1/2/3, pp.73-95.

Smith, A., Porter, J. and Upham, P. (2016) “We cannot let this happen again”: Reversing UK flood policy in response to the Somerset Levels floods, Journal of Environmental Planning and Management. Online 23 May 2016. DOI:10.1080/09640568.2016.1157458

Martin CJ; Upham P (2016) Grassroots social innovation and the mobilisation of values in collaborative consumption: a conceptual model, Journal of Cleaner Production 134: 204-213. doi: 10.1016/j.jclepro.2015.04.062

Upham, P. (2016) Public engagement and low carbon energy transitions: rationales and challenges, in Heffron, R. J. and Little, G.F.M. (Eds). Delivering Energy Law and Policy in the EU and the US. A Reader. Edinburgh University Press: Edinburgh, UK.

Bellaby, P., Upham, P., Flynn, Ricci, M. (2016) Unfamiliar fuel: how the UK public views the infrastructure required to supply hydrogen for road transport. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 41, pp.6534-6543, doi:10.1016/j.ijhydene.2016.03.024

Upham, P. Carney, S. & Klapper, R. (2016) Upham, P. Carney, S. & Klapper, R. (2016) Participatory energy scenario development as dramatic scripting: A structural narrative analysis, Technological Forecasting and Social Change 103: 47–56. doi:10.1016/j.techfore.2015.10.003

Whitmarsh, L., Nash, N., Upham, P., Lloyd, A., Verdon, J. & Kendall, M. (2015) UK public perceptions of shale gas hydraulic fracturing: The role of audience, message and contextual factors on risk perceptions and policy support, Applied Energy 160: 419–430