State-of-the-Art Analytics at the Institute of Sustainable Chemistry

Automated SPE & High-resolution Mass Spectrometer

At the Institute of Sustainable Chemistry we will shortly have a state-of-the-art analytical device at our disposal. With the friendly support of the N-Bank a new automated SPE in combination with a high-resolution mass spectrometer will highly enhance our analytics!

Quantity and quality of the analytical tests will be highly improved by a much better detection and determination limit so that new borders of latest research will be opened.

The extraction and concentration of substances for the chemical analysis is a crucial aspect of our research. This relates to environmental samples as well as to degradation tests. Both are important tools in the research field of Benign by Design and the examination of the fate and distribution of e.g. industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals and pollutants, in which we are leading internationally. This new analytic device will enable us to maintain and to expand this status.

Furthermore, thanks to the new automated SPE and the state-of-the-art high-resolution mass spectrometer we will be able to continue our internationally competitive scientific research and students will be made familiar with the most modern methods which are highly ranked on the labour market.


With the friendly support of the N-Bank

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