Landscape Ecology

The working group Landscape Ecology is assigned to the Institute of Ecology in the Faculty of Sustainability at Leuphana University Lüneburg.

Research focuses on forest ecology and forest dynamics as well as nutrient balance and nutrient dynamics of ecosystems. The effects of climate change, land use patterns and nitrogen deposition on habitats such as forest and heath are researched. Relationships between biodiversity and ecosystem functions are also considered. Research activities take place both in the field and under controlled conditions in greenhouses. Isotope analyses (15N and 13C), photosynthesis measurements, analyses of biomass production and allocation, and nutrient levels in biomass and soil are commonly used methods.



  • Prof. Dr. Werner Härdtle

Professors and Honorary Professors

  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Kaiser
  • Prof. Dr. Johannes Prüter


  • Tanja Michaela Müller

Research Associates

  • Jelena Daniels, M.Sc.
  • PD Dr. Andreas Fichtner
  • Swantje Grabener

PhD Students

  • Eliane Travers
  • Dipl.-Umweltwiss. Carsten Hess

Employees in Technology

  • Susanne Wedi-Pumpe
  • Tanja Michaela Müller