The Learning Factory

Experience. Optimise. Implement.

The Leuphana Learning Factory gives students the opportunity to experience factories in an entirely new way, as well as to optimise them and to implement innovative approaches. Participants have the chance to familiarise themselves and get to grips with modern production and logistics systems. Beginning with inefficient and ineffective processes, participants use lean production methods to develop solution approaches aimed at optimising processes in the fields of production, assembly and logistics. What’s more, the Learning Factory enables students to test Industry 4.0 concepts, as well as to evaluate their usefulness. New technologies such as contact-free product identification based on RFID technology, smart labels and real-time analysis are integrated into these solutions. In addition to this, participants are also shown the potential applications of augmented reality, 3D printing and self-learning systems for quality control. The Learning Factory not only addresses the education and professional development of engineering scientists, but also allows both them and participants from other fields to develop a basic understanding of industrial production and logistics through a specially-designed workshop. The needs of participants from the field of economics, as well as of students from other faculties who have developed a product, wish to market this as part of a start-up project, and who wish to acquire the knowledge on production which they require to do so, are addressed here in equal measure.





  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Schmidt
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jens Heger