Technical Facilities

All of our laboratory facilities are also used in research projects, Bachelor dissertations, Masters dissertations and doctoral theses.

Upon request, these laboratories may also be used as part of projects with other institutions, the economy and industry, as well as for the contract manufacturing of individual parts/prototypes and small series.

Laboratory for Manufacturing Technology, Material Testing, and Component Testing

Traub NA 300 CNC-Drehmaschine ©Leuphana/Patrizia Jäger
Traub NA 300 CNC-Drehmaschine

Traub NA 300 CNC universal turning machine, TX8H control


for use in teaching and research, as well as in the production of prototypes
Project work in the field of manufacturing technology




DMG-DMU 50 eVo ©Leuphana/Patrizia Jäger
DMG-DMU 50 eVo

DMG - DMU 50eVo / 5-Achs Universal Fräs- und Bohrbearbeitungszentrum

zur Anwendung in Lehre und Forschung, sowie zur Teile- und Prototypenfertigung
Spindel SK40 – 18.000 U/min., Arbeitsbereich 500 x 420 x 380
Integrierter 3D Koordinaten-Messtaster (Heidenhain TS641)
Externe Messtechnik zur Prozessüberwachung DDU (Fa. Artis)

SSD - Small Scale Demonstrator ©Leuphana/Patrizia Jäger
SSD - Small Scale Demontrator

SSD - Small Scale Demonstrator.

5-axis simultaneous universal high-speed machining centre (IBAG HF spindle up to 62,000 rpm), HSK32-E



Weiler Praktikant Drehmaschine ©Leuphana/Patrizia Jäger
Weiler Praktikant Drehmaschine

Weiler Praktikant Vc.

Weiler Praktikant VC conventional lathe (training lathe)



LSD – Large Scale Demonstrator.


5-axis simultaneous universal high-speed portal milling machine (IBAG HF spindle up to 24,000 rpm), HSK63-A
Test rig for incremental sheet forming (DFG BE5196/14-1)




ZEISS CNC Eclipse 550

ZEISS CNC Eclipse 550 coordinate measuring machine



Zwick/Roell ZHU 250

Zwick/Roell ZHU 250 universal hardness tester for Vickers/Brinell/Rockwell (up to 250kg)



Zwick/Roell Z050 TN.

Zwick/Roell Z050TN tensile and compression testing machine (100N – 50KN)



Other Facilities

Other machines:

  • Heckert FSS 400E milling machine (conventional), table 400x1600mm, ISO50 spindle receiver
  • Microset Vision tool presetter, for measuring (length/radius) the tools on the CNC milling machines
  • Stenhøj 25T hydraulic press, up to 250KN, max. dimensions of object to be pressed h=470mm - w=1000mm
  • Indumasch HP 500 punching machine
  • Schröder MHSU guillotine/motorised shear for plate cutting, w1500mm / aluminium up to 4mm / steel up to 2.5mm
  • Schröder folding/bending machine for sheet metal (conventional)
  • Portable cutting force measuring device from Kistler:

Multiple 3-component quartz force sensors for measuring the three orthogonal components of a dynamic or quasi-static force taking place in any direction. 3-component force sensors: Fx, Fy, Fz (9067B ; +/- 20KN), (9257B ; +/- 5KN)
Force sensor tool holder

Measuring card: NI 3000 / 15 kHz resolution

  • Band saw, vertical drilling machine, electrical and mechanical tools, GYS universal welding device (no welding specialist), work benches, materials storage, 2 vacuum clamping plates, etc.
  • Olympus KL1500 LCD measuring microscope
  • Measuring microscope (incident and transmitted light)
  • Hand-held measuring devices for determining surface quality



  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Noomane Ben Khalifa
  • Thomas Wagner
  • Steffen Strotzer