Industrial and engineering psychology and cognitive psychology

Industrial and Engineering Psychology

The issues of work and engineering psychology are located at the interface between humans and technology. One focus of the work at the institute is the analysis of the causes for human errors, which in industrial production processes lead to quality losses and in the worst case to accidents or catastrophes. Another research topic is the study of different aspects of human-machine interaction. Among other things, this involves answering the question of how user interfaces of devices or program systems must be designed so that the user can cope with the respective system and the risk of operating errors is reduced. The findings from these research fields lead to applied questions in the field of traffic psychology. Studies on risky overtaking maneuvers and automated driving are currently being conducted on the institute's own driving simulator.

Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive psychology deals with processes of information intake and information processing. How humans select information that is relevant to them is one of the research foci at the institute. Among other things, this involves the question of how attention control processes can be influenced from the outside. Using approaches from research on artificial intelligence, attempts are being made to simulate attention processes and to open up fields of application. In the institute's own eye movement laboratory, studies are currently being conducted on the disruptibility of attentional shifts during reading due to ambient noise as well as attentional processes during the viewing of advertisements.


  • Prof. Dr. Rainer Höger
  • Elke Bartkowiak
  • Elke Dassow
  • Svea Mißfeldt, M.Sc.

Lisa Drescher - externe Doktorandin

Marlene Haase - Scientific employee

Sarah Schlichtherle - Research assistant

Luca Roschlaub - Student assistant