Market psychology, consumer behavior and tourism

In terms of content, Martin Lohmann's field of work deals with topics in business psychology from the perspective of consumers and, in terms of methodology, with various ways of using quantitative, qualitative and experimental methods to gather scientific knowledge about the consumer side. There are close links in teaching and research to the fields of work of colleagues in business psychology, psychology and economics, especially in marketing.

One thematic focus is basic and market research in the field of tourism and recreation. This involves, for example, the customer value of travel (What do people get out of traveling?), sustainability (environmental orientation and behavioral patterns), impact research (How do changes in the general conditions, e.g. terror, pandemics, high-rise buildings, affect travel?) and the identification of long-term trends in tourism demand.


  • Prof. Dr. Martin Lohmann
  • Elke Bartkowiak
  • Elke Dassow
  • Friedericke Kuhn, M.Sc.