Institute of Product and Process Innovation

The members of the Institute of Product and Process Innovation (PPI) carry out work on a wide range of engineering-related research questions. In terms of their content, these research specialisations can be generally grouped within the field of digitisation in industrial production, with links to Industry 4.0. The members of the department investigate this field from both a production management and a technical perspective.

When it comes to subjects, the members of the Institute concentrate on the topics of supply chain management and production management, as well as on measurement, control, plasma, production and material technology. Within these fields, we aim to answer current research questions through both experimental work and the use of digital modelling. Our overarching goal here is to provide better solution strategies for complex problems within the field of engineering.

Cooperations with companies and external research institutes play an important role in the PPI’s work. We collaborate with our industry partners to create practically-oriented solutions to problems within industrial practice. This allows us to transfer our research findings directly into industrial companies, thus helping to improve our partners' competitiveness. A particular highlight of our work is the strong partnership which exists between the PPI and the Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht Centre for Materials and Coastal Research, which is formally expressed in the form of two shared professorships at the PPI.

The results of our research are immediately integrated into current teaching practice through their inclusion in our various degree programmes.

The members of the PPI offer courses in the Engineering major, the Engineering Specialisation minor as well as in the Management & Engineering Masters programme.


  • Ingrid Kanzler
  • Steffi Kuhlmann