Courses on the following topics are offered by the teachers of the institute:

Prof. Jörn Fischer

Joern Fischer teaches courses at the Bachelor, Master and PhD levels. Topics covered in his teaching include conservation ecology (Bachelor), food security and social-ecological systems thinking (Bachelor), an introduction to sustainability science (Master) and guidance on how to write scientific papers (PhD).

David Lam

David teaches courses for bachelor and master students. His teaching focuses on transdisciplinary research methods and knowledge from indigenous peoples and local communities in transformative transdisciplinary research.

Dr. Maraja Riechers

Coastal and marine ecosystems are amongst the most vulnerable when it comes to, for example, climate change, pollution and resource extraction. The protection of vulnerable social-ecological systems is one of the most pressing challenge of the 21st century. In Maraja Riechers' courses, the students therefore address problems and solutions for threatened coastal and marine social-ecological systems.

Prof. David Abson

David Abson teaches courses at the Bachelor (fundamentals of sustainability economics, methods in environmental science) and Master levels (Sustainability economics and assessment, the economics of biodiversity and ecosystem services).