Faculty of Business and Economics

The Faculty of Business and Economics covers a range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary innovative fields of research, action and teaching. It is home to the disciplines of business administration, business education, business informatics, economics, engineering, psychology and law. The members of the faculty are committed to contributing solutions to economically and socially relevant challenges in research and teaching. This general objective is expressed in the vision and mission of the faculty.


Mail adress, Dean's Office and consulting times

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Mail Adress Dean's Office: dekanat.wirtschaft@leuphana.de
Office Hours: Mo-Thu 9-12 o'clock

Universitätsallee 1, C6.021
21335 Lüneburg
Fon +49.4131.677-2001

Academic Initiative Management & Entrepreneurship

The description, explanation, design and critical reflection of management and entrepreneurial action are at the core of the academic initiative Management & Entrepreneurship. This includes, for example, issues relating to the founding, growth and impact of companies as well as issues relating to financial, personnel and organizational management and the skills and behavior of entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurial activity requires discovering market opportunities, developing and implementing innovations, taking calculated risks, dealing responsibly with changes and shaping them. In this context, entrepreneurial action also means assuming responsibility for employees, the environment and society and helping to shape change responsibly.

The academic initiative Management & Entrepreneurship bundles its activities into four profile themes:
- "Behavior and governance"
- "Digital Transformation"
- "Entrepreneurship"
- "Technology and Innovation"

The academic initiative Management & Entrepreneurship is supported by the Faculty of Business and Economics; cooperation is lived beyond the faculty's borders - within Leuphana, (Northern) Germany and internationally. The Faculty of Business and Economics alone brings more than 60 professors into the initiative and covers a broad disciplinary and interdisciplinary spectrum of basic principles as well as innovative fields of research and action. The disciplines of business administration, engineering sciences, business informatics, business psychology, law and economics are represented in terms of methodology and content. Starting from a disciplinary anchoring, interdisciplinary and problem-oriented work is carried out in order to contribute to scientific progress and to the solution of economically and socially relevant challenges in cooperation with research partners and social actors. More information on the goals

Further information can be found under the following links:

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External awards of our scientists

Prof. Dr. Patrick Velte: Second-best economist under 40 in the German-speaking area 2019 (WirtschaftsWoche)
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Benjamin Klusemann: ESA-FORM Scientific Award 2019
Prof. Dr. Hannah Trittin: Admission as Governing Responsible Business Fellow 2018/19 to the Copenhagen Business School (CBS)
Prof. Dr. Michael Frese: Distinguished Scientific Contributions Award 2018 of the International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP)
Prof. Dr. David Loschelder: Rising Star Award 2016 of the Association for Psychological Science (APS)
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Benjamin Klusemann: Richard von Mises Prize 2017 of the Society for Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (GAMM)
Prof. Dr. Michael Frese: Admission as Fellow to the Academy of Management (Chicago)
Prof. Dr. Lesley Jane Smith: Admission as Fellow to the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE)

Event Series

Digital Business Lecture
A lecture series of the Institute for Business Informatics.
Dates of the Digital Business Lecture
The Spirit of Entrepreneurship (SOE)
A lecture series of the Entrepreneurship Hub (currently no dates).
10 minutes - that make the difference
Network members introduce themselves and give impulses from their research activities in the context of gender and diversity.
Dates of 10 minutes impulses (only in German)