Bachelor Studies

Major in Business Administration

In ma­jor Business Administration you learn how to combine analytically-arithmetically as well as management oriented core disciplines socially responsible and sustained, so that enterprises and society benefit in the same way. You acquire economic and behavioral leadership skills for leadership roles in finance and controlling, marketing or human resource management. 
Business Administration (only German)

Major in Engineering

The major in Engineering combines fields that are important for automation technology and production technology. Graduates can find work in many fields, including development and production, technical sales, operations and maintenance, and quality assurance.
Industrial Engineering

Major in Law (Corporate & Business Law)

The major in Business Law integrates legal and business perspectives on issues companies face, preparing students for work as, for example, a recruiter in HR consulting, in customer management in banks, in risk and contract management or in SME tax and auditing firms.
Corporate & Business Law

Major in Economics

The major in Economics is a modern program of studies designed to provide students with the skills and tools to work as an analyst and consultant in any field requiring knoweledge about economic issues.

Major in International Business Administration & Entrepreneurship

The major in International Business Administration & Entrepreneurship (IBAE) is an English-taught undergraduate program and prepares students to work in the functional areas of business by being enabled to develop the important managerial and entrepreneurial skills necessary to be successful in a rapidly changing business environment.
International Business Administration & Entrepreneurship

Major in Business Information Systems

The major in Business Information Systems is a field at the interface of information technology, communication, and business. The focus of Business Information Systems is on the application of computer science to meeting the challenges facing business today.
Business Information Systems

Major in Business Education

Students in Business Education learn to teach professionally in the fields of Economy and Administration, as well as for Occupational Training.
Business Education

The Leuphana Semester: Disciplinary Boundaries

In their first semester at the College students in all study programs take the "Science has Disciplinary Boundaries" module. In modules on Business Administration, Industrial Engineering, Economics, Business Information Systems, International Business Administration & Entrepreneurship and Business Law, first-year students in the Faculty have the opportunity to begin their studies by reflecting on disciplinary boundaries.
Leuphana Semester