Further Education Professional School

The Professional School offers bachelor's and master's studies as well as certificated studies or individual continuing education.

Bachelor's studies of the Faculty of Economics:

B.A. Bachelor BWL: Management, Economics, Corporate Management in 7 semesters

Master's studies:

M.A. Arts and Cultural Management: Culture, Management, Marketing in 3 or 4 semesters
M.A. Master in Auditing: Auditing, Tax Law, Economics in 3 semesters
M.A. Master in Construction Law & Construction Management in 4 or 6 semesters
LL.M. Master Competition and Regulation: Blended-learning program: Competition Law, Regulation Law, Business Law
LL.M. Master Corporate & Business Law: Professional Master in Commercial Law, Corporate and Business Law in 3 semesters
NEW M.Sc. Master Data Science: data analysis, machine learning, Datenanalyse, maschinelles Lernen, probabilistic graphical models in 3 semesters
M.A. Master Governance & Human Rights: Professional Master in Government and Human Rights in 4 semesters
MBA Manufacturing Management: Professional Master in Manufacturing Management: Production, Industry, Logistics in 3 semesters
LL.M. Master Environmental Law: Sustainability Law - Energy, Resources, Environment in 3 semesters
MBA Performance Management: Professional MBA in Performance Management in 3 semesters
MPH Master of Public Health: Public Health, Prevention, Health Promotion in 4 semesters
MSM Master Social Management: Social Management, Social Work, Social Education in 5 semesters
MBA Sustainability Management: Professional MBA in Sustainability Management: Sustainability Management, CSR, Business Management in 2 or 4 semesters
LL.M. Master Tax Law: Master of Laws Extra-Professional Development Program: Tax Law, Accounting Law, Corporate Law, Inheritance Law in 4 semesters
M.Sc. Master's Degree in Business Engineering: Professional Master in Business Engineering in 4 semesters

It's also possible to participate in certificate courses or in individual seminars as well as taking part aa guest auditor in regular seminars. We also offer coaching or case studies tailored to your needs. More information here.