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The program of study in Management offers students the possibility to develop an in-depth understanding of management in combination with a specialization in Data Science, Engineering, Entrepreneurship as well as Sustainable Accounting and Finance from an inter- and transdisciplinary perspective. In the Management Studies component of the program, all students take three modules to learn more about different areas of management. In the Complementary Studies Program of the Graduate School, students from all master's programs take three modules introducing them to a broad range of critical disciplinary approaches. These modules give students the opportunity to learn perspectives and methodologies outside their own discipline, enabling them to develop different solutions to both academic and practical problems.

Management & Business Development (expiring)
Management & Data Science
Management & Engineering
Management & Entrepreneurship
Management & Finance & Accounting (expiring)
Management & Human Resources (expiring)
Management & Marketing (expiring)
Management & Sustainable Accounting and Finance NEW

Governance & Law

Master programGovernance and Law

In the "Governance and Law" programs of study students can choose between the master's program in Public Economics, Law and Politics and the double degree master's program in International Economic Law offered in cooperation with the University of Glasgow. In International Economic Law students not only acquire in-depth disciplinary knowledge but also develop the language and intercultural skills necessary for practice in international law. Students spend two semesters in both Germany and Scotland and graduate with a degree from both universities.

As part of the DAAD program in Public Policy and Good Governance, the master's program in Public Economics, Law and Politics (PELP) draws on the fields of political science, economics and law to provide the theory and methodology necessary for an integrated, problem-oriented analysis of the interrelationships among government, society and the economy.

International Economic Law (LL.M)
Public Economics, Law and Politics


The International Joint Master of Research in Work and Organizational Psychology addresses a wide range of topics from organizational behavior, over entrepreneurship practices to advanced research methods. In essence, this Master’s program seeks to provide a better understanding of the key factors leading to organizational and business success. The two-year program is an in-depth and research-oriented program with a joint degree from Leuphana University, Maastricht University, and the University of Valencia.

International Joint Master of Research in Work and Organizational Psychology (M.Sc.)