Technology and Innovation

The Technology and Innovation area covers activities in research, transfer and teaching in the disciplines of Engineering, Business Administration and Management. They take up the core concepts of Leuphana University. Included are disciplinary research topics from the respective disciplines – such as automation technology, materials research, production and logistics. It is also about transferring technological developments into marketable innovations with the help of appropriate management processes and while maintaining economic conditions.

A systemic, holistic approach to “Engineering” results in innovative solutions that are necessary for the transition to a “Green Economy” not only in terms of technical progress, but also for the entire economy and its sectors, especially with regard to resource consumption, emission reduction, increased energy and raw material productivity, and sustainable product design. The Institute for Production Technology and Systems develops technologies in research, transfer and teaching. Current societal issues such as limiting growth due to shortage of skilled workers in technical fields, energy transition, maintaining a leading technological position (Industry 4.0) and preserving industrial locations in high-wage countries while maintaining the highest ecological standards are almost always discussed in the context of “Technology and Innovation”.

The collaboration with the Helmholtz Center Hereon (HZG) in the Hamburg metropolitan region offers faculty and students the opportunity to participate in joint research projects and to use laboratory resources of the HZG. This enables the development of new research and teaching perspectives and offers interesting differentiation features compared to other business schools. Another important aspect associated with this collaboration is promoting interest and the skills of women in technical areas.

Coordinators and contact persons

  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Schmidt