Doctoral Studies

Doctoral projects of the Faculty of Management and Technology

The School of Management and Technology offers doctoral studies in the disciplines of Accounting and Finance, Business Information Systems, Business Psychology, Engineering, Management, and Marketing. The basis of the doctoral studies and the doctoral procedure are the Doctoral Regulations of the School of Management and Technology. The school awards the following doctoral degrees by way of a full doctorate with final disputation, depending on the subject-specific orientation of the dissertation, the following doctoral degrees: Dr.phil., Dr.rer.nat., Dr.rer.pol., Dr.-Ing.

Doctoral degrees from the School of Management and Technology

The faculty may award doctoral degrees by means of an ordinary doctorate with final disputation, provided that the prerequisites (cf. § 1 Para. 1 of the doctoral regulations) are met. The following doctoral degrees are awarded: Dr.-Ing, Dr. phil., Dr. rer. pol., Dr. rer. nat.

Information on doctoral studies

Doctoral candidates must apply for admission to a doctorate. For information about the admission procedure and if you have any questions, please contact the Student Service. 

Information events for prospective students
Application for doctoral studies
Doctoral regulations (including information on cumulative dissertations, only in German).

General Information

You make it considerably easier for us to process your doctoral project if you take note the following information:
Please inform the Dean’s Office and, if applicable, the Student Service about changes in your personal details (change of address, marriage etc.) and in the data concerning your doctoral studies (supervisor, dissertation topic etc.) – in addition to informing your supervisor. Keep track of all program deadlines. If you need more time to complete your doctoral thesis, please submit an informal application for extension detailing the reasons and including a statement from your supervisor.

On the website of the University’s Library you will find information concerning the publication and the submission of depository copies of doctoral theses, as well as a form for submission of dissertations in electronic form.