Survey about the impacts of Covid-19 within the Faculty of Sustainability

2020-08-13 Scientists and students can report about their experiences and challenges during Covid-19

Scientists, people working at universities and students are most likely to be negatively affected by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Women are among those most affected by the pandemic, and the careers of female scientists who are parents and caretakers may be negatively affected in the long term. People who have disabilities or are far from home and family have developed fears, stress or anxiety as a result of the pandemic. Unfortunately, a crisis like Covid-19 hits vulnerable groups and minorities particularly hard.

For this reason, the Faculty of Sustainability is currently conducting an internal survey to highlight the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. The survey is part of the Faculty's position paper on equality and diversity. More information and results will be available here soon.

If you are a member of the Faculty of Sustainability and still want to participate in the survey, please contact one of the contact persons. We are looking forward to your insights and experiences!