FAQ French

Do I have to take a placement test?

Yes, if you are new, meaning you have not yet taken any French courses at the Language Center and if you have previously taken French courses.

Yes, if you have already taken a course at the Language Center, but it was more than three semesters ago.

No, if during the last two semesters, you took a language course and passed it or received proof of participation. Register for a course at your level in myStudy.

Where are the results of the placement tests?

The results have been stored at the Self-Access Center (C 5.104) since the summer semester of 2008.

Can I earn credit points for my language course?

French courses of the Language Center can be credited as facultative additional courses. They can count as additional credit points in your Transcript of Records.

I am an Erasmus student. Can I take a language course?

Yes, if French is not your first language. Take a placement test like the new students. 

Are there any language tandems?
Yes. Apply here.

How good does my French have to be to participate in the Erasmus program?

  • Usually at least level B1 is required. But a wide range of criteria is applied in the selection of Erasmus students. French skills are always a decisive factor.
  • Note that you have to apply for an Erasmus program about one year in advance. We also recommend seeking the advice of the language instructor to find out how to best prepare for the language requirements of study abroad. This helps to ensure your academic success.

Is there a way to prepare for the French courses or for a semester abroad?


  • You can learn languages or improve your previous skills at the Self-Access Center. And, of course, you can learn a new language here as well.
  • You can also participate in a language tandem to improve your communication skills in an informal setting.

What is the DAAD language test and for what do I need it?

Participation in the DAAD program (German Academic Exchange Service) requires a DAAD language certificate or other certification of language proficiency. This link will take you to an overview of common language tests and institutions that can help you. Please find it here.

How do I register for the DAAD language proficiency test?

Please send us an e-mail.

The test takes two hours and consists of three parts:


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