• Academic Writing Workshop for German as a Foreign Language

Academic Writing

Academic Writing Workshop for German as a Foreign Language

Writing – here: using the foreign language – is a significant key competence for your course of studies. Writing competence means the mastery of German as a Foreign Language, including orthographic, lexical, idiomatic, and stylistic knowledge as well as knowledge about text structures and writing conventions. All of the above (and more) will be dealt with step by step in the seminar "Academic Writing Workshop."

You will acquire a range of basic and – later on – complex writing competences (e.g. writing a text using scholarly criteria). The seminar ends with a collective work on text building blocks and other linguistic guidelines that will help you write academic texts during your course of studies.

All texts will be peer-edited and peer-corrected, focusing on the relationship between content, terminology, and expression. Additionally, the connection between academic writing and intercultural competence – the interaction of language and culture – will be reflected during this process.

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