FAQ DSH and DaF (German as a foreign language)

Do I need the DSH exam to study at Leuphana University as a foreign student?

All foreign students wishing to study at Leuphana University Lüneburg have to take the DSH-Exam 2 or the TestDAF–4 or 5 exam. (See the DSH site for further details).

Which competence should I have before I register for the DSH-exam?

C1 level is recommended.

How long is the exam?

The written part takes about six hours. If the written exam is passed, an invitation for the oral exam will be issued. The oral exam lasts about 35-45 minutes (including preparation time).

When and where does the DHS exam take place?

The DSH exam takes place between March and September at Leuphana University Lüneburg.

How much does the DSH exam cost?

The DSH exam costs 100,- Euro for Leuphana students and 150,- Euro for external students.

Can I download example tests?

The internet provides a variety of "Model Tests." Please keep in mind that these tests are just for practicing and often don't match the necessary level of the exam.

Can I retake the DSH exam?

The exam can be retaken once within a certain time period.

Is the Leuphana DSH certificate valid at other German universities?

Yes, the Leuphana certificate is acknowledged by all other universities since Leuphana University belongs to the German universities with registered DSH exams. Please note that often DSH exams 2 and 3 are required.

How can I practice for a DHS exam?

The Langauge Center offers seminars and workshops to prepare for the DSH exam. Additionally, you can use materials provided at the <link zemos slz.html>SLZ in building 5, room 104.

How can I register for a DSH exam?

During the registration time, you can register via a form on the DSH site. All candidates receive a slot on the waiting list since the Language Center can only admit a limited number of participants to the DSH exam. About one month before the exam, all confirmations and cancelations will be sent out via email to the registered candidates. In this email, the exam procedure will be explained. Payment has to be completed five working days after receiving the invoice.

For any questions regarding the registration process, please contact Frau Sonja Tommrich .

When do I receive the test results and the ceritifcate?

If you pass the written exam, you will be invited to the oral exam. If you pass this as well, the certificate will be issued right after the exam.

Will the result automatically be forwarded to the registration office of Leuphana University?

No, the certificate has to be handed in at the registration office by the students themselves.

How long is the result valid?

At the present moment (05/2015), the DSH-Certificate never expires.

Can I attend DaF seminars during my course of studies?

The Language Center offers fully immatriculated students seminars and workshops at different levels (A1 - C1/C2). The levels are chosen according to the "Common European Framework of References of Languages."