Language Tandem

What is a Language Tandem?

A language tandem is one of the most enjoyable ways to improve your language competencies. Additionally you will gain and/or expand your knowledge about and experience with other cultures. We define ‘language tandem’ as a mutual exchange in language learning. Or simply said: "You help me to improve my language and I will help you improve yours. This will help us understand each other better.”  Tandem is language learning based on partnership and autonomy. 

You have several tandem models to choose from: With credit points as additional credit points.

  • Advantages and Suitability
  • Tandem Models
  • How it works!
  • Practical Tips
  • With and Without Credit Points
  • Registration

Advantages and Suitability

  • Who can do tandem?
    Tandem is best for students who like to learn creatively and enjoy getting to know people from other cultures. However, students need to be very reliable and disciplined to meet all requirements for a successful partnership.
    Students need at least an A2 level in the target language.
  • Advantages of tandem
    • It opens new perspectives about language and culture,
    • Students can choose their own goals and set up the time of meetings within tandem requirements.

Tandem Models

  • Learning German with Tandem
    International students will learn German together with native German speakers who are students. You will choose individual learning goals with your instructor. Additionally you will reflect and improve your learning process. This class is listed in myStudy as: Learning German with Tandem A2-B1
  • Language Tandem
    Students support each other to practice and deepen their native languages. The main focus is on language. You will choose individual learning goals with your instructor. This class is listed in myStudy as: Tandem as a method of language and intercultural skills acquisition (Spanish, French, English)
  • Intercultural Tandem
    The main focus is cultural and societal exchange. The course is held in German and English. Partners choose their topics together. This class is listed in myStudy as: Intercultural communication. A practical project work in intercultural teams.
  • Mixed Tandem
    You are interested in Language Tandem or Intercultural Tandem and your partner is taking Learning German with Tandem. This is possible. Simply register for a tandem course and the Tandem-Team will do their best to find partners.

How it works!

Tandem is based on partnership and is autonomous because each partner chooses his or her own learning goals and is responsible for their own Tandem meeting preparations. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, partners need to follow a few basic guidelines:

  1. Meet regularly (for example 1-2 times a week) at a fixed time and day if possible.
  2. Practice both languages/cultures separately (time is set aside exclusively for one, and then the other, e.g. 45 min. per language).
  3. Dedicate equal time to both languages/cultures.
  4. The person who is learning about the language/culture decides what will be done and prepares it. Your partner isn’t your instructor.
  5. The person who is the native speaker is patient, listens and is helpful.
  6. In a Language Tandem stay in the chosen language. Even when it seems as if there is no way to continue, at least try to stick to the language by using different words, drawings, hands and feet, etc. 

Tandem is very successful when partners cooperate during the planning, make a conscious decision about the goals and ways of working as well as prepare and follow up every meeting.

Practical Tips

  • Meet regularly! Reserve a specific day and time and make sure you come prepared. 
  • Laugh and enjoy yourself! Cultural and linguistic mistakes are normal and sometimes even humorous.
  • No ideas about what to do and how to do it? Go to the link ‘Tandem Information’ below.

With and Without Credit Points

Tandem with credit points

Students receive 5 CP additional credit points listed in their transcript of records for a successfully completed Tandem. All requirements including type of exam as well as time of group meetings can be found in myStudy.

Tandem without credit points

Students register for a Tandem course and then simply do not sign up for the exam is qis.


For students whose native languages are not German and would like to have credit points, you need to register in myStudy (Deutsch Lernen im Tandem A2-B1). You must also send a short email with your name and native language to You will then receive information from the instructors.

Tandem Information

Tandem Light/Culture Starter Kit can be downloaded here.

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