English Language Placement Tests

  • is suitable for all language levels (adaptive test)
  • can be taken once a semester, is valid for two years, and is free of charge for Leuphana students
  • can be used, for example for course registration at Leuphana if needed and for individual purposes
  • This placement test cannot replace official certificates such as TOEFL or TOEIC, which are requested in several programs.
  • takes place in SLZ (5.104)

Attention: please bring your own headphones (AUX) for the English placement test. Bluetooth connection is not available.

How to register?

No registration needed. Just come to us during our opening ours.

Further questions?

Write an email to our tutors via slz@leuphana.de.

Placement in other languages: FRENCH, ITALIAN, PORTUGUESE AND SPANISH

individual placement - C-Test (fill in the blanks)

Placement in Swedish

Individual placement through written test and interview

  •  written Test, assessed by the Folkuniversitet Göteborg. The test can be found here.
  •  interview with the responsible teaching staff after finishing the written test.