Our team of tutors is always available to help students with any questions they may have about language learning.

No matter whether you need help with starting to learn on your own, with improving your existing language skills or with registering, preparing and taking a language test. As a team of tutors we are happy to be of assistance.

You can reach us during opening hours in the SLZ (room 5.104) or via email (, Facebook and Instagram (slz_leuphana).

And this is us:

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Study Program: Public Economics, Law, and Politics

Languages: Spanish, English, German, and French (in progress)

My most helpful tip for language learning: Be and stay motivated. For this, it is important to set goals, as well as to continuously check up on the learning progress and reward yourself for every achievement. Fun is also a very important element that should always be present during the whole learning process. 

My biggest inspiration for language learning is the opportunity to interact with people from different regions of the world, to explore new cultures and world views, and to acquire a broader understanding of the world.

I enjoy working as a tutor at the SLZ because I love coming into contact with international students, languages, and learning processes. I enjoy the opportunity to help others acquire a new language, master it, or improve language skills. I also enjoy working in intercultural contexts and am always happy to share my own culture and language with others.


Study program: Cultural studies / Political science

Languages: German, English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

My most useful tip for learning a language: I think the best way to learn a language is through doing what you already do – just with the language you want to learn. Maybe that means watching cooking videos in English or watching a Spanish series, listening to Italian podcasts or whatever else you can think of. Get creative!

My biggest inspiration to learning a language is when all of the sudden I can talk to someone I could not have talked to before and I start to get a glimpse at new perspectives through them and their use of language.

I like working as a tutor at the self access center (SLZ) because it gives me the chance to work with languages, to learn for myself and to help others throughout their learning processes.


Study Program: Studium Individuale and Political Science

Languages: German, English, French and elementary Arabic

My most helpful tip for learning languages: Using every opportunity to talk to nice native speakers. Do not get discouraged, those conversations are a great way to find wonderful friends!

My greatest inspiration for learning languages is: Besides the nice people you meet through learning languages, it is also great fun to use opportunities to not only learn a language, but also to travel and explore the connections between linguistic specifics and culture.

I like working as a tutor at the SLZ, because: it is fun to talk to people in and about different languages and to help them to improve their language skills.

Anastasia N.

Study Program: Cultural Studies & Political Science

Languages: Russian, German, English, French, and Bengali.

My most helpful tip for language learning: Just start! It’s fun and it opens new doors and perspectives for oneself. It works best in contact with others and by actively bringing what you learn into conversations.

My biggest inspiration for learning languages is the broadening of horizons that every new language brings. Speaking with people in their native language creates a whole new intimate base and you learn more about people and cultures.

I like working as a tutor at the SLZ because I enjoy helping other people learn languages and I can and want to learn a lot for myself. I also like the atmosphere and the interaction with new people with different backgrounds and interests.