myPortfolio is Leuphana's e-portfolio platform based on the software Mahara.

E-portfolios are web-based folders in which "important" student work is collected. In contrast to a regular paper-based portfolio, videos, blogs and audio contributions can also be integrated. With myPortfolio, teachers and students can create a digital competence profile of themselves, maintain one or more weblogs, upload and manage files as well as give and exchange feedback with each other. Further, there is the possibility of group work.


PLEASE NOTE that MyPortfolio will have to be moved to the intranet for a limited period of time at least for this winter semester.

The login for myPortfolio will still take place via Moodle using the myStudy ID. However, all myPortfolio users need a VPN connection if they want to access the system from outside the Leuphana data network.

Therefore, make sure that you are connected to the intranet via VPN. You can find instructions on how to do this on the MIZ page:

  • If you use the normal Leuphana WLAN on campus or are connected via LAN cable, you can still access MyPortfolio as usual.
  • If you are in your home office or want to access MyPortfolio while travelling, you will need the VPN connection.

You can find myPortfolio via Moodle: Log in here with your myStudy login data / myStudy ID.

After logging in to Moodle, scroll down until the field "Network server: myPortfolio" appears in the right-hand column. Click here on "myPortfolio".


MyPortfolio-Network of Leuphana

Are you looking for colleagues who use (e-)portfolios in teaching? Become a member of Leuphana's MyPortfolio network! Send an email with a short description of yourself and how you (would like to) use (e-)portfolio to The MyPortfolio network was initiated by the Teaching Service in 2019 and currently has almost 30 members from all faculties and schools. In regular network meetings, the members exchange information and collect needs and wishes. We are interested in continuously adapting Mahara, the software on which MyPortfolio is based, to the needs of teachers and students.

Portfolio work enables the presentation of learning, reflection and product processes (knowledge management, project presentations, internship support) and offers various forms of cooperation (group work, peer assessment, feedback).

Characteristics of E-Portfolios and Sample Applications in Teaching

  • Students are enabled to reflect on their individual learning processes, developments and approaches. Based on this, they can systematically improve weaknesses, develop strengths and evaluate findings.
  • E-portfolios can be used both in individual courses and in the course of the entire study programme as a learning and assessment method.
  • It is no longer only the final result of teaching and working processes that becomes visible to lecturere and students, but also the developments and learning progress of students over a longer period of time.
  • E-portfolios also make it possible to document learning progress in more self-learning or practice-oriented study phases regardless of location as well as to remain in contact with the Leuphana teacher, to receive feedback from teachers and other students, and to provide formal feedback.
  • E-portfolios can also be used for lifelong learning documentation and as a link in terms of content at the interface between studies and subsequent professional fields upon entering the working world.
  • The use of e-portfolios promotes media competence and raises awareness for topics of digital literacy.

Advantages and Functions of MyPortfolio

  • myPortfolio is integrated into the existing learning management system Moodle and thus offers the possibility to create diverse learning environments. While the Moodle learning platform is mostly designed by lecturers, myPortfolio also offers the possibility to use the e-portfolio as a personal learning and working environment (PLE). The use of the same Leuphana account for both systems already allows convenient navigation between myPortfolio and Moodle courses.
  • myPortfolio enables the flexible compilation of documents and reflections to create customized myPortfolios for different purposes. The contents of myPortfolio can be easily and flexibly supplemented, exchanged and used.
  • myPortfolio makes it easy to store and manage the artefacts in the e-portfolio or the e-portfolio itself.
  • myPortfolio allows you to make your e-portfolio public to varying degrees for individual groups of participants, e.g. for learning groups, for individual lecturers and/or for all interested students.
  • myPortfolio includes feedback and comment options, e.g. peer-to-peer or lecturer-students.
  • In contrast to other systems, myPortfolio allows you to "freeze" a portfolio and thus prevent further processing. This allows lecturers to use the e-portfolio for an evaluation as proof of a student's performance.

MyPortfolio - Instructions & Further Informations

1. myPortfolio - First Steps

myPortfolio is available to all members of Leuphana University Lueneburg with their myStudy ID. Information on registration is available under myPortfolio - First Steps

What could a myPortfolio look like?
For first impressions you can have a look at the following example: myPortfolio Demo. (only available in German)

2. myPortfolio - Creating Views

For step-by-step instructions on how to create a view and your digital portfolio on myPortfolio, see myPortfolio - Creating Views.

3. myPortfolio - Participating

For step-by-step instructions on how to create and join groups on myPortfolio and how to use the forum, see myPortfolio - Participating.

4. myPortfolio - FAQs

We have compiled the most frequently asked questions about the use and functions of myPortfolio and answered them in an FAQ guide. It can be found here.


For advice and didactic support on the possible uses and application contexts of myPortfolio, please contact