Adopting diverse perspectives, questioning the supposedly familiar, engaging in dialogue across disciplinary boundaries - these are not only characteristics of good research, but also of lively teaching and learning. One way to create sustainable and lively learning is therefore to involve students in research.

Arousing curiosity, transferring responsibility and initiating student projects from their own ideas or the research questions of the teachers therefore requires an adapted didactic approach. To achieve this, however, it is not always necessary to organize entire study programs from the perspective of research-based learning. Even individual courses can contribute to sustainable and lively learning and teaching at Leuphana University with a manageable investment of resources, as the multitude and diversity of the projects shown here across all faculties and schools demonstrate. Let yourself be inspired by them!

This brochure (German, .pdf) shows how diverse "research-based teaching and learning" is already being implemented at Leuphana.