Do you have a general enquiry or message for the Teaching Service? If so, please use our address You are also welcome to contact our colleagues in the Teaching Service directly. The contact details can be found below.

Digital Support

Do you have any questions concerning the implementation of hybrid or digital teaching and learning formats? Be it of a more technical or didactic nature - the Support Team Digital Teaching of the teaching service will be happy to assist you. Please send an e-mail to o and use the various information and offers on our websites regarding support and tools.

Students are welcome to contact the Student Support Team for Digital Teaching at This team has already collected a lot of information for students on the website of the Student Support Team for Digital Teaching.


  • Dr. Julia Webersik

Deputy Director

  • Dr. Judith Gurr

Teaching service assistant

  • Katrin Soudil

Consultants for Digital Teaching and E-Learning

  • Dipl.-Wi.-Ing. Rosa Arnold

Consulting, Service, Support
Focal points: all digital learning platforms and tools of Leuphana (especially Moodle, myPortfolio, EvaExam), media production, digitally supported teaching and learning, eAssessment, coordination of myPortfolio-network and student Digi-Support team

  • Verena Eickhoff

Consulting, Service, Support
Focal points: instructional design for e-learning, educational technologies (esp. Moodle, Academic Cloud), interaction & collaborative learning in virtual/blended scenarios, diversity-based teaching

Consultants for University Teaching and Blended Learning

  • Dr. Judith Gurr

Consulting, Service, Support
Focal points: Activation & collaborative learning, interaction in lectures, hybrid teaching, (e-)portfolio, digital concepts, platforms & tools (especially flipped or inverted classroom, classroom response systems, didactic work with Zoom, MyPortfolio), dialogue-oriented design of teaching, Shift! moderation, teaching award procedure

  • Katharina Trostorff, M.A.

Consulting, Service, Support
Focal points: Hybrid teaching, digitally supported teaching (tools and scenarios), online exams with EvaExam, certificate programme for further training in teaching, communication about teaching

Consultant for Blended Learning and E-Learning

  • Dr. Sigrun Lehnert

Teaching Development Specialists

  • Dipl. Soz. Anke Brehl

Training program for teachers, consulting, SHIFT!, (conflict) moderation
Focal points: Qualification and competencies for teaching, feedback and interaction in teaching

Projekt DigiTaL: Digital Transformation Lab for Teaching and Learning

  • Christina Durant


  • Jascha Brandes

Communications and Marketing

  • Elke Dassow


Project Souver@n: sovereign digital teaching and learning in Lower Saxony

  • Annika Weinert-Brieger


  • Yasmin Azim Zadeh

Communications and Marketing

Student & research assistants

  • Melanie André
  • Gesa Frahm
  • Emma Kennedy
  • Anton Krummrey
  • Leon Hilcken
  • Morgaine Struve