Music, Speech & Sound: Editing your audio files with Audacity (presence)

19. Jan

The modern world is the world of multimedia. Our habits of listening to podcasts and other kinds of audio content is part of our daily life now. But what if we need to change the game from consuming to producing such pieces of information? Wouldn’t it be handy to be able to mix an audio file on your own computer whenever you need one for your studies in order to - for example - bring some variety into your report, to enhance your presentation or to express you idea in a more creative way?

During this two-hour-workshop for beginners we will learn how one could create a mix of music and sounds with the recordings of your own voice using the free and yet professional software „Audacity“. We will go over the places and options for a safe download and use of music and sound effects. A short recording of your voice will be integrated into a new piece of audio and edited using filters and other magic tricks offered by the „Audacity“ palette to achieve a result of certain quality.

The venue is the "Schulungsraum" of the university library.

Please register for the lecture.

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