The Schreibzentrum / Writing Center offers every semester various workshops all around scientific writing and working. Thanks to the cooperation with Graduate School and Leuphana Teaching Service there are also helpful offers for PhD students and lecturers.

Flyer to Download: Offers Schreibzentrum / Writing Center Summer Semester 2021

For Bachelor- and Master's Students

Register via myStudy > Angebote ohne CPs > Schreibzentrum / Writing Center.

We work bilingually. The workshop titles are given in the language of instruction.

All workshops will be conducted online. You can find the login data for the Zoom conferences on myStudy after your registration.

19. Mär 21

Online-Beratung / Online Consultations

10.15–11.45 [M. Edlich]

13. Apr 21

Konstruktives Textfeedback

16.15–17.45 [D. Knorr]

28. Apr 21


16.15–17.45 [D. Knorr]

30. Apr 21

Reading Strategies and Related Issues

10.15–11.45 [M. Edlich]

5. Mai 21

Einführung in die Literaturverwaltung mit Citavi
(Dieser Workshop wird vom MIZ angeboten. Fragen deshalb bitte direkt an

15.15–17.15 [MIZ]

7. Mai 21

Kreative Schreibstrategien

10.15–11.45 [M. Edlich]

12. Mai 21

Ich oder nicht Ich? – Ist das eine Frage? Über den Ich-Gebrauch in wissenschaftlichen Texten

16.15–17.45 [D. Knorr]

21. Mai 21

Grammar for Academic Writers

10.15–11.45 [M. Edlich]

25. Mai 21

Rechtschreibung, Zeichensetzung und Grammatik

16.15–17.45 [D. Knorr]

28. Mai 21

Basic Principles of Disciplinary Citation and Reference Systems

10.15–11.45 [M. Edlich]

15. Jun 21

Mediengestütztes Schreiben

16.15–17.45 [D. Knorr]

For Master’s and PhD Students

In cooperation with Graduate School. Register via MasterSkills or Grad Skills of the Graduate School.