Writing Arguments

Moderator: Micha Edlich

Date: 14.06.23

Time: 4.15–5.45 p.m.

Location: C5.122

One task in scientific writing is to integrate one's own work or idea into a (usually larger) research context. The selection of the referenced literature is therefore not random, and the way in which specialized texts are dealt with in one's own text also follows intentions. In the workshop, we will use examples to trace lines of argumentation and reconstruct the intentions of the authors of the texts. For this purpose, we will deal with selected rhetorical argumentation patterns and their linguistic realizations.

The goal is to give you insight into the relationship between argumentation and refereeing the literature.

There are not prerequisites for enrolling in this workshop for bachelor and master’s students.

It is also offered in parallel in German by Dr. Dagmar Knorr.

This workshop is cross-listed as a module for the peer writing tutor training.

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