Writing Consultations

There are differences between academic writing and writing in school or journalistic writing. One difference is the kind of integration into subject-specific contexts, another difference is the scientific language use. Every genre has its own standards: Writing a paper is very different than writing an essay or a report for an internship. Writing a 5-page text will require different strategies than a thesis of 30 or 60 pages. 

We are here to support you in every phase of your writing project, no matter whether you are at the stage of finding your topic or structure or if you have already produced (some) text. We have provided some material and tips for you to get to know yourself better in your role as a writer and to expand your writing skills: Resources.


At the moment the Writing Lab cannot take place in presence as usual. Please register for an online consultation  here. Via the Leuphana VPN access and your Leuphana account you can easily log in and make an appointment.
If you cannot make an appointment in our booking system, please write an e-mail at schreibzentrum@leuphana.de.

Because we think that it's difficult to decide on the writing tutor just by name, we provide profiles with some information here: About Us.