Studies: B.A. Business Administration

Graduation year: 2015

Professional career: I am an investment banking associate at Deutsche Bank in New York.

When I look back on my time at Leuphana today....

...I remember good times on campus with very good friends and a variety of inspiring conversations.

How did your studies prepare you for your current job?

My studies enabled me to enter the world of finance through well-integrated internships at a regional state bank.

What are the advantages of studying at Leuphana?

Flexibility, good framework conditions, and a beautiful campus.

To whom would you recommend studying at Leuphana?

Lüneburg offers enough free time that you don't have to be bored, and at the same time, you can concentrate on your path at Leuphana without major distractions. I recommend the university to anyone who is focused on a compact infrastructure and well-structured study programs.

What experience can I bring to the table as an Alumni Angel?

I have been living and working in the US since 2015. During my time at Leuphana, I did a semester abroad in Los Angeles and completed a master’s degree in New York. I like to share experiences about studying and working in the US, as well as insight into structured finance. I like to share how working on Wall Street differs from Hollywood productions.


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