Patricia Briggs SoSe 14

Student Interviews with Urban-Fantasy Author Patricia Briggs

In the summer semester 2014, students of the seminar, The Wild, the Weird, and the Furry: Legend and Lore of North American Fantasy, had a chance to sink their teeth into theory as well as practical applications of their writing skills. First, they learned about the genre Urban-Fantasy (vampires and werewolves exist and are probably your next door neighbors) and how to write an academic essay.


After completing these tasks, the students earned their reward: interviewing Patricia Briggs, a best-selling author. Here they had to focus on their spoken language and decide which of their many questions they would ask. Next they had to write a short blog-like entry. Here are the results. We hope you enjoy this as much as we did. Before you start looking at the student interviews, you can watch Patricia Briggs’ uncut public lecture.