Feedback Tools

In the constant dialogue between teachers and students and through their mutual feedback, decisive impulses for the further development of studies and teaching arise. Taking responsibility for one's own studies and being willing to engage with the ideas and perspectives of others for one's own teaching are the hallmarks of an active and progressive university community. At Leuphana, various formats are available for discourse and they ensure that ideas and results are incorporated into the improvement of courses, modules, study programs, and the framework conditions.

Of interest to instructors at the course level are the questionnaire-based instrument of course evaluation (LVE) and the qualitative feedback format Shift! The latter is a joint product of the two Leuphana units Teaching Service and Team Q. Shift! promotes a trusting dialogue between students and teachers about the teaching-learning situation directly in their course and can be registered by both students and teachers.

On the level of the study programs, the quality circles are certainly also interesting for you as teachers. Here, program managers, students and teachers discuss together - also on the basis of aggregated data of the teaching evaluation - conditions and challenges of the study program and agree on measures for quality development.