Freiraum 2022

Four Leuphana projects were successful in the current funding decision "Freiraum 2022" of the Foundation Innovation in Higher Education. The duration of all projects is 12 months (07.2022-06.2023). Details about the call for proposals and the funding conditions can be found on the website "Freiraum 2022" of the Foundation Innovation in Higher Education Teaching. The internal university coordination of the applications and the formal review of the documents was carried out with the support of the teaching service.

1. Strengthening the Reflective Skills of Student Teachers in Profile Studies (ReflexProfi-L)
Applicants: Prof. Dr. Poldi Kuhl; Prof. Dr. Jessica Süßenbach
The project aims to strengthen the reflective ability of students in the profile studies of the teacher training programs at Leuphana through targeted support measures (digitally-supported and in classroom formats). To this end, the project focuses on three areas of action: 1.) Conception and implementation of advisory and support services to promote students' ability to reflect (accompanying material for reflection impulses in the ePortfolio; reflection workshop; profile day); 2.) Development of a case portal; 3.) Networking of the expertise of teachers on reflection skills. This is intended to contribute to the improvement of students' reflection skills in profile courses in teacher education and to evaluate their effectiveness.

2. comprehensive data literacy education in college
Applicants: Dr. Steffi Hobuß
The overall goal of the project is to expand data literacy education for first-year students on a large scale by going beyond technical data analysis skills to address the philosophical, social, and political aspects of digitization and algorithmic thinking. A new course offering for an enlightened and critically reflective approach to data will be anchored at Leuphana across disciplines and faculties in the long term and will realize a best-practice example for other medium-sized universities. During the one-year funding period applied for, a sustainable broad approach is to be developed that takes into account the overarching goal and, at the same time, the study situation of first-semester students in their introductory study phase. Thereafter, a further application for funding for curricular implementation is planned. To achieve the overall goal, the project pursues 3 sub-goals: A) Research-based foundations: developing an understanding of the philosophical, social and political aspects of the digital transformation based on the current state of research and formulating learning objectives appropriate for the introductory phase of studies; B) Curriculum development; C) Dialogue between students and teachers.

3. Innovating teaching - sensitizing for speaking situations - improving debate culture in courses. (In short: teaching innovation by strengthening debate culture) (LSD)
Applicants: Dr. Steffi Hobuß; Lena Eckert
The aim of the project is to sensitize both teachers and students to the speech situations in courses and especially in seminars and to promote active participation of as many students as possible in discussions, especially in seminars. Therefore, the strong participation of a diverse group of students in the project is central. Overall, the topic of speaking situations should be established more strongly as part of teaching: The goal is to normalize speaking about speaking and to recognize sensitivity to this topic as a necessary component of good teaching. Working towards this goal in a determined manner is elementary in order to meet the claim of diversity and enabling equal participation in academic debates in the long term. It includes the following measures: digital platform for anonymous, reflective, respectful and constructive exchange among students about the speech situation in courses; an analogue space for exchange; promotion of a student initiative that will act as a long-term interface between the two groups and represent a kind of equality office from the student side; evaluation tool that will record the quality of speech situations in courses by default; development of materials for teachers and students.

4. Teacher training in German: further development of language education engagement through participation (LehrWEP)
Applicants: Prof. Dr. Astrid Neumann; Inga Buhrfeind
The aim of the project is to enable students to experience themselves as self-effective through targeted seminar design and active involvement in the module "Linguistic Diversity in the Teaching of German" in multifaceted negotiation processes and to develop social engagement as a result. For university teaching, this means that students develop their own goals in the seminar context, co-determine seminar content, and significantly create their own learning process. As part of their engagement, they then model language-building interaction spaces for students who are acquiring German as a second language. The following project activities are planned: Further training of participation for all actors; further development of student participation; development of a roadmap as a structural aid for students; expansion of the network of practice partners, preparation of the requirements for students; digital-analog networking of students, schools and acting actors in the field of language promotion to provide contacts; design of additive reflection and (student) consultation offers in the work and thinking space of the specialist library language; evaluation of the commitment; continuation of service learning in cooperation with the Fachschaft Bildung. The effectiveness of the project is measured by the individual significance of the engagement and the participatory possibility in the seminar design.