Software for online exams

There are two software solutions at your disposal for online exams which are suitable for different scenarios: EvaExam and Moodle. Especially if you haven’t worked with the software before, you should have enough time on your hands and show an interest to get acquainted with it beforehand.


EvaExam facilitates the creation of questionnaires in your browser. You can set up an online exam that is designed to be taken digitally or create questionnaires for an exam on paper (see scan exams). The examination software offers various types of questions which for the most part can be read and graded automatically. The software is suitable for exams in real time.


Moodle offers the possibility to create different kinds of exams: 1.) quizzes with various types of questions that are filled in online, 2.) hand in-assignments for written exams where both the question and the answers can be uploaded as a PDF. The software is suitable for exams both in real time and with a prolonged editing time.

Request access

If you decide to offer an online exam with Moodle or EvaExam, please use to contact the teaching service who will set up the relevant access for you.

Please note that online exams must be proposed at the beginning of the semester!

Examination regulations

Please observe the current examination regulations for conducting online exams. In this context, please read the website on organising exams. The latest changes can be found in the Leuphana gazette.

For any questions concerning examination regulations or the organisation of exams, please contact the student service. The contact persons for your programme can be found on the student service's website.

Courses & training

On the pages for EvaExam and Moodle, you will find a lot of material to help you get get to know the software.

Courses on the conduct of digital exams are held at irregular intervals. They can be found in the workshop programme for digital teaching.