Online Exams with EvaExam

EvaExam is a software that facilitates the digital planning and conduct of exams. From designing the questions to calculating the grades, EvaExam guides you through the whole process of an online exam. In EvaExam, you can design and save questions as well as generate, conduct, and evaluate exams. In the following, you will find some material to help you get started and to which you can come back if you have any questions.

If you want to generate an exam online, but hold the exam on paper, our page on scan exams is relevant for you.

A red arrow pointing to the right, listing six points of a process: 1. Access to EvaExam, creation of your examiner account, 2. Preparation of the exam sheet, 3. Setup of the online exam, 4. Conducting the online exam, 5. Assessment of the online exam, 6. Archiving the online exam. ©Lehrservice
The process of an online exam with EvaExam.

Here you can see an example of the process of an exam with EvaExam. In the material provided on this page, the steps are explained in detail.

Handouts & material

We are currently working on our handouts to provide English material as soon as possible.

If you have questions that are not answered here, please check the FAQ online exams (German only) or contact the support (see below).

Please use EvaExam in Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge.
Using another browser may lead to problems.

Requesting an examiner account

An account for examiners can be set up by the teaching service. Please contact and provide (apart from your name) your department and tell us whether the account is supposed to be a personal account (only for you) or a shared account (for example for your institute). Please note that one account can only ever be used by one person at a time.