Entrepreneurship Hub Events

At Leuphana University we follow a very hands-on approach and believe that theory is best put into action. In order to provide students with useful insights and practical experiences, the Entrepreneurship Hub organizes several events during the year.

The biggest event is held in January with the Leuphana Conference on Entrepreneurship, an international conference which aims and succeeds in bringing together national and international academic experts and business experts, as well as students. Through different seminars, work shops and paper sessions the conference summits the latest ideas and scientifc research regarding entrepreneurial topics, which is topped off with excellent key note speakers and an Elevator Pitch Competition for selected students.

In addition, throughout each semester the Hub organizes a guest lecture series called the 'The Spirit of Entrepreneurship' where different successfull entrepreneurs are invited to tell their start-up story, how they came up with their idea and then put it into reality, including all the challenges and successes.

Additional events are the TEDx conference and Night of the Startups.