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You want to start your own business or have an idea for a social enterprise? Whether you are a new start-up business, a graduate or a business founder from the region, the Start-Up Service assists all current and prospective start-ups in their entrepreneurial pursuits and receives support from a great number of Leuphana experts. They provide you with profound information on all subject-related issues, grounded, among others, on their own start-up research. In 2014 Leuphana University was named most entrepreneur-friendly university in Germany in the category of mid-size universities by the German Stifterverband, a well established joint initiative started by companies and foundations in Germany.

Start-up founders can benefit from the individual coaching sessions, as well as students, graduates and staff of Leuphana. Through knowledge-intensive projects prospects learn how to successfully prepare and organize a start-up business in a targeted manner through qualification courses and counseling offers.  

In addition, Leuphana is focused on providing and further establishing the network of all stakeholders involved in regional start-ups and innovative ideas, specifically in the Lueneburg area and advising in finding investors and capital.


What we offer

What do you have to keep in mind before starting your own business? What are common questions/issues a rising start-up is facing and what is typically being ignored? Is my business idea feasible? 

We help you with the following stepping stones:

Before starting your own business

  • Business idea and business concept development
  • Choosing the right legal form for your business 
  • Business succession
  • Industry and market analysis
  • Debt financing & funding
  • Personal aspects

During the initial start-up phase

  • Your business plan 
  • General information on taxes and legal forms of business
  • Financing
  • Trademark protection/patents
  • Social security
  • Advertising, marketing

Supervision until the end of your first business year

  • Human Resources (if applicable)
  • How to deal with public authorities
  • Coaching & analysis
  • Outlook