Combine International Business Administration & Entrepreneurship with Economics

Business studies or economics? You don't want to decide between the operational level and the holistic view on economic areas? - You don't have to. The subject combination International Business Administration & Entrepreneurship and Economics enables you to study comprehensively in various areas of economics, their intersections and beyond.

International Business Administration & Entrepreneurship as Major

The major in International Business Administration & Entrepreneurship goes beyond the classic content of a business degree. The focus is on the business challenges of our time: digitalisation, sustainability, social responsibility, international cooperation and the creation of new business models under these aspects. During your studies, you will develop management and entrepreneurship skills that will help you to classify these current events and to transform them yourself.

Two students are studying together by reading a book outside on campus. ©Brinkhoff-Mögenburg/Leuphana
Major in International Business Administration & Entrepreneurship at Leuphana College.

Economics as Minor

Economists present situations in a simplified but realistic way in a wide variety of contexts in order to find solutions to certain questions. They are guided above all by the principle of efficiency, i.e. the mindful use of resources in line with the goal, which often underlies human actions in everyday life. Taking into account politics, economics and society as well as their intersections, you develop an understanding of contextual decision-making mechanisms of different actors. You can also use this expertise and your enhanced analytical and mathematical skills for your major.

Your International Studies

The International Business Administration & Entrepreneurship major and the Economics minor are internationally oriented study programmes - in terms of language, content and community. Especially in business contexts, global thinking is the order of the day nowadays. That is why we enable you to gain personal experience abroad at one of our partner institutions:

Course of Studies

In addition to your major and minor, interdisciplinary modules during the Leuphana Semester and the Complementary Studies round out your Leuphana Bachelor.

Leuphana Semester

  •  Transforming knowledge: Responsible action (interdisciplinary)
  •  Problematising knowledge: Critical thinking (interdisciplinary)
  •  Producing knowledge: Methodologies (interdisciplinary)
  •  Producing knowledge: Concepts and Methods of Business Administration, Management and Economics (Major IBAE)
  •  Introduction to the discipline: International Business Administration & Entrepreneurship (Major IBAE)
  •  Methods II: Disciplinary Methods (Minor Economics)
  •  Introduction to the discipline (Minor Economics)

2nd Semester

  •  Statistics II
  •  Financial Accounting
  •  Management Accounting
  •  Entrepreneurship
  •  Microeconomics I (Minor Economics)
  •  1 Complementary Studies module

3rd Semester

  •  Qualitative Research Methods
  •  Finance
  •  Marketing
  •  Management
  •  Macroeconomics I (Minor Economics)
  •  1 Complementary Studies module

4th Semester

  •  Quantitative Research Methods
  •  Elective: Entrepreneurship
  •  Elective: Sustainable and Responsible Management
  •  Microeconomics II (Minor Economics)
  •  Macroeconomics II (Minor Economics)
  •  1 Complementary Studies module

5th Semester

  •  Elective: Management in Digital Age
  •  Management and Entrepreneurship Research
  •  Elective I: Digital and Responsible Management & Entrepreneurship*
  •  Elective** (Minor Economics)
  •  Elective** (Minor Economics)
  •  1 Complementary Studies module

6th Semester

  • Bachelor dissertation
  • Elective II: Digital and Responsible Management & Entrepreneurship*
  • 2 Complementary Studies modules

* In the elective modules of the major, you can delve into current topics related to functional areas of management, business start-ups and associated fields.

** Possible electives in the minor are, for example, Labour Market and Employment, State vs. Market or Distribution and Growth.

Leuphana Semester

The Leuphana Semester is the introduction to your studies. Here, together with the first-semester students from other study programmes, you learn the basics of academic work, especially with regard to responsible action, critical thinking and methodical knowledge. In addition to the interdisciplinary modules, you will receive an introduction to the content and methods of your main subject.

Complementary Studies

The complementary studies supplement your major and minor by another subject area. From the 2nd semester onwards, you continuously take a total of 6 modules in a discipline of your choice. A discipline is assembled by a perspective and an approach. You can choose between the following perspectives:

  •  Social science perspective
  •  Humanities perspective
  •  Natural science perspective
  •  Inter- and transdisciplinary perspective

And the following approaches are available:

  •  Method-oriented events
  •  Practice-oriented events
  •  Mediality-oriented events

Your Studies at a Glance

  •  Programme: Leuphana Bachelor with International Business Administration & Entrepreneurship as Major and Economics as Minor
  •  Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
  •  Duration: 3 years (6 semesters)
  •  Scope: 180 ECTS (90 ECTS International Business Administration & Entrepreneurship, 30 ECTS Economics, 30 ECTS Leuphana Semester, 30 ECTS complementary studies)
  •  Study places: approx. 140
  •  Teaching and examination language: English
  •  Semester abroad: possible
  •  Start: beginning of October
  •  Online application: Mid-May to 15 July
  •  Admission requirements: University entrance qualification and English language skills
  •  Admission restriction: yes
  •  Admission: own admission and selection procedure at the college

Career Prospects

With the subject combination International Business Administration & Entrepreneurship and Economics, all doors are open to you in business. Possible career fields are, for example:

  •  Purchasing and procurement
  •  Finance and accounting
  •  Investment and financing/ Banks/ Insurances
  •  Management/ Organisation/ Corporate Management
  •  Marketing
  •  Human Resources
  •  Sales

For further information, please visit the Career Service.

Admission & Application

The application period for a Bachelor's degree at Leuphana College starting in the winter semester (i.e. from October) is mid-May to 15 July. Please inform yourself about the admission requirements and the admission procedure.

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