Certificate in Exposition Management and Evaluation

The programme is not offered anymore.


Successfully communicating sustainability

This course of studies leading to a Certificate in Exposition Management and Evaluation enables you to plan and realize your presence on fairs, ensuring that your message reaches the visitors and that they remember you in the longer term. It is particularly challenging in terms of sustainability: It is necessary to reach the hearts and minds of visitors to trigger behavioral or conscious changes and strengthen social skills. That’s why the learning processes gained in exhibitions and sustainability communication are just as much the subject of the Certificate studies as the systematic planning of an exhibition focusing on the study habits, experiences, interests, (previous) knowledge, expectations and needs of the target group.

At a glance

Degree: Certificate
Credit Points: 25
Lenght of Study: 2 terms extra-occupational
Language: German
Study Places: 25
Start Date: in April
Application Deadline: January 31
Costs: 1.500 Euro per term plus around 350 Euros semester fees and individual accommodation
Programme Director: PD Dr. Maik Adomßent

The visitor and goal-oriented planning of an exhibition covers all the steps of the preparation work. It ranges from the selection of content to communicative media and forms, exhibition management, process-related evaluation, the materials used towards marketing, public relations and ultimately, the identity of the organization. It openly addresses all players who are active in these areas.

If you belong to this group and have the feeling that this message is for you, then the Certificate programme offers you a chance to expand your skills by providing you with the appropriate expertise and practical experience.

Thanks to the studies leading to the Certificate, in just two Semesters, you lay down the corner stone of new career perspectives and

  • specialize in the field of sustainability communication
  • professionalize your exhibition planning
  • become enabled to carry out project management and implementation
  • acquire expertise and practical experience in comprehensive and target-oriented evaluation
  • obtain access to a growing network of inspiring organizations and experts.

The study programme starts for the first time as of April 2016 and is funded as a pilot project of the German Federal Environmental Foundation, so that all participants will receive a scholarship. The Foundation wants to forge ahead and show how exhibitions can be designed so that they can communicate and inspire people about relevant social issues in a manner close to everyday life. You can enquire by yourself about these various possibilities and best practice examples in this course lasting one year and structured by five mutually complementary teaching modules!