Certificate Course European and International Law: Contents

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The certificate comprises 3 modules, each worth 5 credit points. It covers the fundamental aspects of European and German competition law and competition procedural law. Students also learn about key areas of competition economics. Classes explain economic methods that have become more important with the launch of the “more economic-approach” for people with a legal background.

The modules in the certificate course European and German competition law

  • Competition Law (5 CP)
  • Competition Litigation (5 CP)
  • Competition Economics (5 CP)

The modules in the certificate course European and German competition law

Competition Law (5 CP)

In this module, you will learn the foundations of competition and antitrust law, particularly on the interdisciplinary linkages involved ('law and economics'), the fundamentally conceivable approaches to regulation, the substantive legal prohibitions and the administrative proceedings at both the European and German levels. Thus, you will learn to understand the complex structures of rules in substantive antitrust law and procedural law, and to apply these in concrete cases.

Competition Litigation (5 CP)

This module offers you an introduction to the specific procedural law of litigation in questions of both antitrust and competition law. You will develop a litigation and procedural strategy and train to appear independently in the proceedings themselves.

Competition Economics (5 CP)

How do various types of markets work? Why is an international division of labor beneficial? Why are state interventions in this division negative? In this module you will find answers to all these questions.

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