Certificate courses Regulation Law: Contents

Your law qualification

In your advanced training in Regulation Law, you will take a total of three specialist modules. You will acquire comprehensive knowledge of regulatory law and regulatory economics at university LL.M. level.

The modules in the certificate course Regulation Law

  • Regulation (5 CP)
  • Procurement Law (5 CP)
  • Regulation Economics (5 CP)

The modules in the certificate course Regulation Law

Regulation (5 CP)

This module deals with teaching the basics and regulatory structures of regulatory law. As an introduction, the connection between economics and law is explained in order to understand the basics of regulation. The aim of the module is to learn about the specific nature of regulation (creation of competition) and the instruments required to achieve this goal. The specifics of individual regulatory sectors will also be addressed.

Procurement Law (5 CP)

In this module, you will cover the the fundamentals and crucial mechanisms of procurement law to understand the complex interconnections involved between German and European procurement law. In particular, you will analyze and discuss questions relevant to practice.

Regulation Economics (5 CP)

In this module, you will gain an understanding of how markets and states can fail, how monopolistic and oligopolistic markets can be regulated, and what welfare effects can be expected from such interventions.

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