Competition and Regulation LL.M.: professional and career prospects

Career prospects with LL.M. specialisation

Graduates of the Competition and Regulation LL.M. at Leuphana Professional School have an unparalleled specialism: this degree sets you apart from other legal professionals and gives you a unique selling point on the employment market. You are qualified for management roles that require the interdisciplinary coordination of law and business.

An interdisciplinary qualification at the interface of law and business

The world of work is becoming increasingly international, interdisciplinary and complex. This trend can also be seen in the legal field, and a legal qualification alone is now often insufficient: employers are looking for interdisciplinary professional development. Additional business expertise is frequently required to solve complex legal problems, and you can acquire that expertise on the LL.M. Competition and Regulation.

The programme is a useful complement to a classic law degree, filling in any gaps in your knowledge such as the business aspects of law, and training you to engage in the economic analysis of legal problems.

Graduates of the LL.M. blended-learning programme will have acquired new legal and economic perspectives enabling them take on a range of roles, for example:

  • at major legal firms specialising in competition and regulation law
  • in management consultancy
  • in staff compliance training
  • in a range of specialisms in corporate legal departments
  • in political consultancy in Berlin/Brussels, in particular on questions of competition and regulation

You will gain an initial insight into possible roles while you are studying on the LL.M. programme, as practising professionals (from businesses, legal firms, competition authorities and regulators) regularly speak to students about their work and give you an idea of potential opportunities.

Prospects in the fast-growing fields of regulation and competition law

Regulation and competition are the fastest growing fields of law. While competition law is becoming ever more important in the light of the growing number and size of penalties for cartels imposed by the European Commission and Germany’s competition authority, the Bundeskartellamt, many businesses are developing compliance programmes on which legal professionals work to raise staff awareness of behaviour and practices that are not in line with competition law. Major law firms are increasingly getting involved in this field and companies such as Deutsche Bahn are expanding their legal departments to bring private actions for compensation against cartels that affect them.

In the field of regulation law, there are growing efforts by companies to respond to state regulation with their own analyses. State regulation is now not simply accepted, it is questioned increasingly critically. For example, it is no longer taken as read that electricity network operators will receive a certain return on equity. This development can also be seen in other areas such as the telecommunications market, water supply, rail transport and many others. Discussions on the correct level of network charges often involve over 200 submissions from different companies. In other words, over 200 companies have sought legal advice on one question – and are therefore reliant on legal professionals and their expertise. This clearly illustrates how great the need and demand is today in both businesses and institutions for people with your qualifications.

Work towards your Fachanwalt title with the LL.M.

For graduates seeking qualification as Fachanwalt or Fachanwältin für Vergaberecht (procurement lawyer), the LL.M. degree can cover the required theory. To meet the criteria, you will need to have dealt as a lawyer with 40 procurement law cases at a European or national level, of which at least five must have led to court proceedings or review procedures. In consultation with the programme coordinator, you can apply to the competent Anwaltskammer (law society) once you have completed your degree.

The ideal qualification for an international legal career

The LL.M. Competition and Regulation is the qualification you need to successfully deal with competition and regulation law cases. Practice indicates that you are most likely to work in the field of EU competition law and regulation. Work in this area is usually as part of international teams that collaborate in English. As the LL.M. Competition and Regulation is taught and assessed entirely in English, you are excellently equipped for this challenge: you are prepared for professional practice and are familiar with key English terms and concepts.

Support for your career

The career coaching opens possibilities to plan your next career steps together with a coach. The Masters students of Leuphana Professional School can participate on a career coaching one time for free.

On the career coaching

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