Certificate studies in LL.M. sustainability law

Legal training for energy system transformation and environmental law

The programme is offered in the German language and is thus directed at prospective students with a good command of German. The programme’s German-language web pages provide detailed information needed on the content of the course and application procedures.

Do you want to qualify in legal questions relating to energy system transformation and energy law or environmental law? If so, we offer you the opportunity to do so in just two semesters with our certificate studies in Energy Law and Environmental Law,

As an actor in the energy industry or the environmental sector in companies, administrations or in the legal environment, the Law of Energy system transformation certificate provides you with extensive knowledge in fields such as renewable energy law, energy reduction, energy law, nuclear law or in related fields of law such as regulatory law or public commercial law. The Environmental Law Certificate covers the basics of environmental law, European environmental law, immission control, nature conservation, soil protection, water law and environmental information law. Further contents are resource protection law with the recycling management and mining law as well as the neighbouring disciplines of environmental science, economics and technology.

In addition to legal expertise, our certificates also offer you the opportunity to get a taste of LL.M. sustainability law. The 15 credit points of the certificates can be credited to the LL.M. degree programme when you take up your studies at a later date.

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